3 Natural Ways To Improve Your Well-Being After Having A Baby

Pregnancy, childbirth and the sleepless nights that come with caring for a newborn can take a toll on your physical health and emotional well-being. New mums can feel exhausted, experience a decline in self-confidence and crave a little time for themselves as they and their household adjusts to the life-changing impact of welcoming a new little person into the family. Looking after yourself is so important when you have a baby to care for, yet new mums often feel pangs of guilt when it comes to carving out time for themselves.

How to Provide Lumbar Support for Your Lower Back

Lower back pain is no joke as you'll know if you've ever suffered from this condition. And if you have, you are not alone: About 80 per cent of Australians deal with back pain and 10 per cent of people have a disability as a result of that pain. Your chances of suffering lower back pain are increased if you spend hours at work each day sitting down at a desk; this is because many people have a tendency to hunch over when sitting for long periods of time, and this causes the lumbar region of your spine to drop backwards, meaning its natural curve is reversed and your lumbar region is loosened.